I am from the state of Guerrero a state in the coastal zone. The most recognized monument from there is the Door of Acapulco I don’t know if you have heard of it.

I came to Europe to complete my master’s degree that lasts six months. After staying in Galicia for a couple of months I decided to travel around. I started in Italy, after that I wanted to get to know Paris for a couple days and then to finish on Madrid, it’s really a beautiful city!

Meeting people from different places really fills you up. The way you see the world and the cultures and the people. I enjoy meeting people and connect with people and getting to know their culture and I really pay to a lot of attention to a city urbanism that I like a lot the landscape.

Have you found any struggle?

English has been really difficult for me and it really limits me. I got lost because sometimes I forget the mobile for example in Roma it happened to me.