I work at Stanford University in the United States and I’ve worked on Aguila Fuente on a Visigoth necropolis, so I’ve been excavating human remains from the 6th and 7th century. It’s insane for starters. I think they have been excavating the Roman bath for the past seven or eight years, and

I am the first American to ever work there so, I am the first American to step on a roman tile where Romans were at some point. It’s super crazy, like get dirty and swinging acts and shovel stuff.

Why do you find archelogy so cool?

The best thing in the world about being an archaeologist is when you blow your nose after a long day and it’s just like black. Having full dirt clogs in your nose sounds crazy, but it’s just so gratifying. And getting to dig a hole and find a human being, or to find gold coins or jewelry. Just crazy shit like that! I never thought I would be able to make money and survive doing this, but I just got lucky and I didn’t plan to do any of these excavations. I planned to do the first one and then, some of the people that I was working with said «oh you should do this one» and some other people «oh and you should do this one» «and this one» and now I am doing 4 excavations and I get to live for free. They pay for your food and you get a place to stay for a whole month. I spend like 50 bucks and it’s only for beer! It’s fucking awesome. It’s so crazy. Now I’m just like riding the wave, whatever happens, it’s a trip.

What crazy things have happened in Europe so far?

I was working with these six archaeologists they were fucking pirates, the craziest guys I’ve ever met like I drink the most I ever drank, and I don’t throw up because of them. They took me to Soria to like some fucking concert and it was insane. Every week in Europe it has gotten crazier and crazier I have no idea what’s going to happen. I love Europe everyone is so beautiful and so nice it’s cool I don’t know what else to say, it’s just overwhelming, it’s just one thing after the other. I didn’t smoke cigarettes before I came to Europe and now, I do, it’s fucking crazy. I love archelogy because I can see the most beautiful in the world and I get to get covered in dirt all day it’s so much fun.