Christian: I am living in Logroño for the year, teaching English. I spent the summer in Vermont where I met Diana learning Portuguese.

What’s important in your relationship?

Christian: Intentionality is putting purpose behind your actions and sometimes it doesn’t necessarily mean what you want or have defined exactly what you are looking for, but sometimes it means knowing what you don’t want and kind of getting away from certain things in general. Intentionality in our relationship is important.

How do you apply intentionality in your lives?

Diana: It’s about being conscious of your decisions and taking time to think about your decisions and taking time and putting some intention behind them and having a reason for what you are doing and I think that, at least for me, I am living a more fulfilled life. I am not living on auto pilot I feel more in control.

Can you give us an example of applying intentionality?

I was in school and right now, I’m on a break from college and it was a big decision for me to take that break because I had already had a break in my education before and so I really didn’t want to do that. But then, I realized that I really needed a break and so I was really intentional in the activities that I engaged in while I have been in school.

I never know where it’s going to take me but I try to be intentional to looking for something that will take me somewhere else afterwards.