Why do you love skateboarding and Tattoos?

I don’t know why I love tattoos, I think I just love art. It depends on the artist. Some I like more, some I don’t like. Actually I am also interested in the creative part of tattooing how you do it and for example tattoo with outlines and shadowing some are nice with outlines only and some are nice with shadowing for example. And for skateboarding I don’t know exactly why I love skateboarding maybe as a kid I played a lot of Tony Hawk pro skate for example and a friend of mine was a good skater and he taught me a lot about skateboarding and yea I learned a little bit and in Madrid today I have been around the city and I saw a nice skate park and a lot of street spots for example curbs all of them were actually waxed so I knew that a bunch of skaters from here were there and skated around there next time I will definitely stay longer in Madrid and skate a lot more.