I’m here to go to Primavera Sound in Barcelona. Its cheap from Australia to get to Madrid first, so I am hanging here, seeing a friend, relaxing. I leave tomorrow to go to Primavera and I’m looking forward to that. Then, I’ll go to Lithuania cause why not? I’ve got no real big plans I keep my plans in the next month open because you meet people as you go, and Spain is very expensive in general so I want to go to Eastern Europe to relax and I will be very tired after the festival too. I’ve got some family living in Holland so I will go to Holland, and my sister lives in England so I will go too.

A travel tip

Have 3 or 4 cards split in different locations in your bags, maybe one in your shoe. Keep your cash split up, I know a lot of people who have lost massive amounts of money because they didn’t split it up, so save yourself.