My name is Luis Sousa, but I preferred to be called by Dali (which is my favorite artist and my inspiration, thatʼs why I have a mustache like him) 

Do you have a “To do list before I die”?  

Well, yes!! Mostly travel, I think itʼs on the top of the list! besides Europe, I want to travel to middle-east destinations and also visiting the Asian continent. I would like to gather some cool money and travel for like 4 months. Or try to work in hostels in exchange for food and bed etc. To be a true adventurous only with my backpack and my phone. I wish I can travel around the world and be for like 6 months or a year in each place, get a job, gather some money, then leave to another adventure. Itʼs my biggest wish in life. 

But I have other things on my to-do list for example – tattoos!! I really want to invest in tattoos! I only have one made in Rome, in a troubled time of my life. I did a fast-forward icon in my right foot that means that “life passes way too fast, you can never look back, always forward!”, that’s my philosophy.  

Do you have a must destination?  

Tel Aviv! Iʼve been there one week and it was amazing!!! I think that if the hostel where Iʼve been, offers me a job, I quit everything and start to live there and start my life from scratch! Because the people, OMG the people are so so amazing, they are all very nice. Usually, the people are afraid of that part of the world, because of terrorism, what we see on the news etc. But believe me, itʼs amazing! The culture is quite something I believe everyone should try to visit Israel, the beaches are beautiful, people are beautiful, the architecture is beautiful, everything is beautiful there, you know?   

One of the days I went to the Masada Mountain to watch the sunrise in the Jordânia mountains and it was one of the beautiful moments in my whole life, I canʼt describe you … see that huge ball of fire to rise in the back of the mountains, God… beautiful itʼs what I can tell you.