Dali, Porto, Portugal

How are you dealing with the quarantine? How are you spending your time differently?

I’m not! I’m on the edge of a nervous breakdown. Haha but jokes aside, it has been challenging. I don’t wanna sound spoiled because I’m actually ok, I have a home, food, I’m safe and my loved ones are all ok too, so I’m privileged and thankful for it.

Nevertheless, my main concerns right now are what cocktail I feel like having or what to wear to go to the living room, hard decisions I must say.

I’ve been putting together a puzzle that I forgot I had, Guernica by Picasso, which seems the right moment since we’re facing another war. I also went back to do my art stuff, which I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time now and it has been amazing to reconnect with that part of me. And I’ve been throwing virtual parties with my friends since quarantine started and it has been super dope, we’ve always find ways to partyyyyyyyyyy!

What’s the first thing  you’ll do once this is over?

I have many things on my list that I want to do once this chapter ends, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be going to a f***ing 7-day party with my friends! I miss them so much, hugging them and touching them, their laughs and their crazy personalities so it will be the perfect plan: go dancing with the people you love and celebrate life again.

I also neeeed to visit my little sis who I love like no one else in this world, just wanna squeeze her and hug her until she blows up hahahaha

As for the rest of the things on my list, I’ll get back to them as soon as I recover from the hangover I’m gonna have…

What do you think are the good things that the quarantine will bring?

That’s a good question because we’ve never experienced nothing like this before so I think, or to use a better word, I hope that when we get out of this war, we understand that this economical model doesn’t work, it never worked and that we need to change it. We need to exterminate capitalism once and for all, otherwise we will be stuck in debts forever and we’ll keep running our lives according to currency and not happiness levels as we should. We need to realize that we don’t need to work that much and by doing that there will be more jobs for more people. Everyone will be more productive at work and happier spending their time and resources doing what they love.

We also need to learn that we are not immortal, that nature is in control of everything. So, if we want to keep surviving, we will need to improve our skills faster in many fields, but especially in technology, medicine and environment. These 3 areas are the most vital for us and in order for the human race to keep evolving we need to focus or we will never have a flying car or live in Jupiter. And we MUST stop being stupid. I think we are so stupid that other animals look at us and think: “I can not believe how stupid they are”. I mean, we still have wars and human rights’ violations and gender inequality and people starving and many other problems that should be fixed by now. If we don’t see the bigger picture, it won’t be a meteor or a virus that will lead us to doomsday, we will be the reason of our extinction.

Any news or people who have inspired you? 

I’ve been watching and reading the news of what’s been happening all over the world and something that got my attention was the decrease of pollution around the planet. It’s amazing how in such a short period of time the levels of toxic contamination in the environment have been drastically reduced. So, understanding that we do have indeed the power to change the bad impact of our daily routines in the planet at a global scale it is a real game changer. It really inspired me to do more and act better, and hopefully we as a society take this as a lesson learned and start to take serious actions towards a better future.

Also the people who are in the front row fighting this bitch of a virus, are big inspiration models. From the nurse to the deli guy, they are the ones who are protecting us and helping us survive this crisis, putting they lives at risk so we can stay at home and complain about being too bored. We must fight selfishness and realize that there are so many people in the world who are struggling to get water, education and freedom. We must be better. We need to be tolerant, understanding and supportive towards each other. There’s definitely a lesson to be learned here: STOP COMPLAINING ASSHOLE, YOU ARE OK, YOUR LIFE IS FINE, GO AND HELP THOSE IN NEED!!!

What had been you favorite quarantine meme so far?

OMG that’s a difficult choice, I’ve cracked myself up with so many memes and tweets and stories but if I had to choose this would be the one that I relate the most: