Cristina Moreira Gondomar, Portugal

HiI’m Cristina and I’m fanatic for Bakery! My mum used to do cakes every weekend when I was a child, and I started by asking her how she bakes the cakes and she started to teach me everything she knows. Thatʼs when I got my passion for bakery, and modesty apart, my cakes are delicious!  

The most influential people in my life are my parents… They are my greatest inspiration in life, I love them above everything. They are kind, the symbol of true love is my parents, they are sweet and always support me in everything, my work, my travels, my studies. 

If you asked me to choose one, I just couldn’t they are both my biggest love on earth! 

When I was in Cabo Verde in Africa, Damn, I love it, it was just beautiful! The culture, the people, the beaches and the African rhythms, you really feel the African soul getting inside you.  

Tell us a story about your experience in Cabo Verde 

I was in a bar at night chilling, drinking my cocktail, and then from nowhere, appears 1 male African dancer, with tribe clothes (mostly naked) and I was like : OMG! What they say about the African males is really truth! He had that thatch tribal skirt and wear nothing under, so all the people could see ahmmm you know? I remember that I felt so so embarrassed I just leave! Ahahah I ran like a torpedo! Besides that, all of that Cabo Verde for me was incredible.