Is weed legal now in your country?

The cannabis culture has been very big in Canada for a very long time and the thing is that the government was starting to catch on that it is a multi-billion dollar a year business and because at the States, they started to decriminalizing them it a lot of places. They figured it’s going to happen anyway so why not make money off it.

What´s it like growing weed?

So basically, growing weed is very simple, you start off with a good strain. Marihuana is the only plant in the world that has male and female, a lot of them reproduce asexually so when you start growing your plants you want to start with seeds or clones… You want to start it with seed and then, what’s going to happen is that within two or three weeks they are going to grow.

Like other plants, they need a certain amount of heat, and a certain amount of sunlight and a certain amount of nutrients, so what I do. I grew some of the best weed!

Basically, once you do it a couple of times you know what you are doing. It’s like anything, it takes experience and it takes practice, right? But for me, my first successful harvest I grew about three pounds and it was really good! If you watch a couple of YouTube videos or whatever, just stick to the basics, don’t go all crazy like some guys do throwing all these different kinds of chemical and weed grower. Just keep it natural, the more natural, the stronger and better!