Why do you love glitter? 

Oh my god, what a wonderful question! It makes you look better; it makes everything look better. When you go out drinking, and you´re too drunk the day after, or you look like shit from working all week, just put glitter on your face. You don’t even have to make up on, literally. It never comes off, you´ll find it weeks later your bed. It´s great when you have people over, and they leave with glitter. It´s like your stamp.

Who inspired you to pursue the path of glitter? 

Dolly Parton and Jesus. No, I´m just kidding about Jesus. But I would probably say Dolly Parton and I don’t know, maybe Chanel. Those two are probably my main ones. Oh, oh Boy George. He wears it well.

What would you like to leave as a trace of glitter on this planet?  What´s your legacy, what would you like to leave? 

I would hope to leave lots of treats for people. Yeah, cause people also like treats, no one wants to be hangry. Hangry, hungry-angry. You know, when you´re hungry and that makes you angry. I don’t know maybe, like a money tree, money is always needed, as well, and if I disappeared and a money tree grew that would be sick, you know. But only for good people, no one rich, they already have money.