I just finished the Camino de Santiago and it was really nice and chill and I was excited to go and relax. Then I came to chaos Madrid city, so different than I expected but it’s beautiful.

I travel quite often, I think I’m trying to escape reality I don’t know. I am chasing happiness as a human, right? And traveling makes me feel happy and I get to test myself and my brain so It’s fun.

And I was in Thailand and I met this guy and he was talking about the Camino de Santiago and how amazing it was, and I looked it up, I took the time off from work to come here and just walk.

Everybody was searching for some type of answer some type of sign and I am not religious, and I didn’t know what to expect from the walk or being physically in shape. I think I learned about myself and about being alone and the simplicity of simple things and appreciating them. And about myself, I learned to not judge and ownership.