My name is Chase, I am 31 years old. I’ve lived in Costa Rica most of my life, but I was born in the US. I became super passionate with rock climbing when I was about eight years old when my Grandmother took me to a climbing gym in California. I’ve just always been around very athletically minded people. My father moved my family to Costa Rica to start a wind surfing hotel.

And now I’m in Europe until mid-September so I have about 11 weeks to rock climb exclusively, every day. Form here, I am going to Oviedo where I’ll get an Airbnb because that’s the cheapest option, there are no hostels in Oviedo yet. And from there, I’m going to Entrago, it’s a little town and national park in Asturias.

Rock climbing gives me a reason to travel with a specific purpose and it just gives me a passion that gets me up every day with a smile and determination to really try hard and stay fit and focus on my health, eat well, drink well, and those are all aspects of rock climbing that I have acquired through life.