How are you dealing with quarantine? How are you spending your time differently?

Corona Virus!!! (scream that in Cardi B voice). Honestly, for the both of us quarantine looks slightly similar to our daily lives. We are entrepreneurs who usually work from home, well by choice. But now that it is not a choice, we have been taking it day by day, aka struggling!!  The huge difference is, we can’t travel or be employed by our side gigs. Also, it feels as if we are living in a dream that we can’t seem to wake up from. We have been really creative with our date nights as well as being more attuned with the value of time. We are recognizing the glory and the privilege we have to be quarantined comfortably. We are blessed to have a roof over our heads and we recognize our families are communicating a lot more. The reality is, we are grateful.

What have you learned from yourself or society during this time?

We learned the essence of how close we really are as humans. To think, this virus started with one person and it is now effected many around the world. We never thought in a million years countries around the world would be fighting the same battle together. We are recognizing it takes all of us as humans to fight this fight together. There is so much peace to be found in people’s faces. 

Every action we take can affect the outcome. Chari and Dane, just a couple from Atlanta, Georgia, daily decisions can literally impact lives around us. We learned if we fight together we can accomplish many miracles. We can even recognize the miracles that already exist and utilize them. 

What’s the first thing you’ll do once this is over?

The first thing we are going to do when «this is over» is probably book a flight. We cannot help ourselves! We are nomads at heart and life is too short! We are also choosing to take life day by day. There are many unforeseen circumstances with this season in our lives, we will constantly pray for the families who have been affected.  

What do you think are the good things that quarantine will bring?

Quarantine brings the world on one accord. We are purifying the earth by staying in the house. Its’ almost as if we are giving mother earth a full restart. It also helps but time into perspective, we aren’t sure how long this will last, but what we do know is that for this season in our lives we are responsible for our own time management.

Any news or people who have inspired you?

We are inspired by all the families that have been affected. We find it awe-inspiring for anyone who is battling through these uncertain times. If you are reading this, please take and send prayers to those who may be suffering.