How did you both meet?

Ceci: Well, I think everything happens for a reason and yeah, we went to a lunch and he’s a friend of a friend of mine and first at sight I didn’t think happened, but then it was meant to be.

It’s like when you are missing a piece of the puzzle, he was a piece that was missing for me in my life. He pushed me to grow, to be better at what I do. To be a better person, I don’t know, I am happy with him.

What was your experience?

Gus: When I saw her it was like “Oh my god this is the reason why I am here, not because of work” I was waiting like three months for a friends to give me some files for a project and we never had time till that lunch and then I met her and it was like “this is really the reason”.

You believe that your reason of coming to Spain was to meet her?

Yes, I really think so, I was here three years ago for vacations and I was thinking about that I want to move to Spain Madrid or Vienna. And now, I am from here and she is from Vienna. It’s super crazy, but I am happy about that.

She makes me feel like the best version of me, she is always making me feel so good in everything.