I am a music teacher for secondary school. I play some instruments like piano, ukelele… I worked at a bank, and then I went to college and I had a degreed on music and took my masters on Education. I love teaching! 

I just love bringing out the best in people. When I see somebody with a talent, I have to work on it, building up their confidence, and form their music basically. Sometimes I coach them mentally, Iʼve done very good results. And Iʼm really proud of it! 

What brought you to Portugal? 

I went to Santiago, I was on the “Camino”. And arrived here to Porto yesterday. It was a nice adventure, I met a lot of peopleI went from Santiago to Fisterra, then to Muxía. It is summer, so someone recommended to go there, because of the nice beaches, nice weather… The people made my trip! And I also made a lot of exercise!