I have a very complicated background. I am Chinese, Vietnamese, and German. But I was born in Bangkok, and then I moved to the US when I was 18 or 17.  

If you had to pick one city, which one would be your favorite?  

This is so hard. I think in Europe it´s Rome and I think in Asia it´s Tokyo. So, in Rome, there’s just so much history and so much to see. Rome has a lot of stories to tell and I love the ancient ruins. I love history and the Roman Empire. For Tokyo, I might be a little biased because I lived in Tokyo as well, and I think the reason I like it is that Japanese is a very fun country. I study museum design and they are there a lot of creatives, a lot of design, a lot of technology and it´s very western but not too Western They keep their culture very well, you can still see people wearing kimonos and all that stuff. The nightlife is fun, the good food.

Japanese are extremely nice, they cannot speak English that well, but I think they are the most helpful people in the world. I was lost once, and they walked me all the way to the train station that I needed, even though they didn’t need to be there. It´s pretty cool.  

Do you happen to have a city that you wouldn’t want to go back to?

I think Bangkok is really fun for people who travel. But I lived there. I didn’t have a good experience from the locals. I guess that’s different for like a tourist – it´s amazing. For people who work, I think Bangkok kids are really selfish, not really sweet. When I was working there, there were times that I wasn’t getting paid what I was supposed to, even though it was a full-time project. So, it wasn’t a good experience that way. And I don’t find that people there are helpful. 

In what city did you have the best food? 

I love sushi so again it´s Tokyo. And then, again it´s Rome, because I love certain pasta. But I think New York also has a lot of good food because is so diverse and we have a lot of authentic food from these immigrant families – so you could get almost the best of everything!