Why do you love cats? 

Because they are mysterious. They have wonderful personalities and unique. I love that. Now I have three. My cousin taking care of them right now.

Which one is your favorite and why?

 I think all 3 of them are my favorite. They each have a different personality, which I like.  Kae, is very special, physically she is very cute. She´s rebellious but at the same time is sweet. Then is Coco, he is completely black, very black, and he is also very sweet. So sweet. Then Max, Maximiliano, he is my crazy child, he doesn’t let anyone touch him, but he loves for me to talk to him, but he’s also sweet.

What do you learn from your cats? 

Well, aside from them being mysterious, they are also very independent. I really like that. They are also strong and can take care of themselves. They just need their food from me, and the rest they do on their own.