Why did you decide to go to el Camino de Santiago?

I needed to get away from my little city in Denmark because I wasn’t feeling good there, so I wanted to find myself and go on a spiritual journey to see if that helped and it did. I think it helps it’s just being away from your comfort zone and all your familiar stuff.

I got a bad depression cause of some stuff that happened at home and I didn’t want to just sit at home and take my medication and not do anything, so I decided to go out and be active and do something to make me feel better. So, I decided to go out and meet new people and get new experiences.

I got injured so I couldn’t finish it, but it was cool. I am going to stay here in Madrid for a week and then I am going to go home and start a photography job.

How did your passion for photography develop?

I think it started in high school just for fun and then my friends would say: “Oh you are good at it” and I was like: Okay well, I am just going to continue. And it just got bigger and bigger and now I have a job interview at a Danish culture magazine.

Do you have any words of hope for people who are dealing with depression?

It gets better. But also, reach out and talk to people because for a long time I just dealt with it myself and that only makes things worse. So, you should go out there and talk to people and tell them actually how you feel, and then, do something. Don’t just sit at home feeling sorry about yourself because that’s not good.