Tell us about your friends back home

I have a great group of mates back home and they are all legends. We are just like a big group of guys (like 15 or 20) and we all look out for each other. Most of the time we’ll bring each other up and that’s pretty cool. They probably would be cracking up if they heard me right now. Lots of us went to school together then we all went our separate ways to university. We all found out that we had separate mates that went to the same schools together. When we can all get together like on holidays and stuff, that is pretty cool!

What type of things to do you together?

Quite a few of us are into surfing so we can all go away and do that together. And sometimes on the weekend, we go play basketball down at the local courts, otherwise a few relaxed beers.

What do you guys chat about?

I don’t know, anything goes just if one of the boys did something funny over the weekend, we give them a hard time about that. I’m not really sure that’s part of the beauty of it anything goes.

Who is your favorite mate?

One of them got really into his art since we left school, which is something that I wholeheartedly just don’t understand, and he tries to talk to me about it and I’m just like “bro!”. He’s kind of like has another group of mates which he spends time with, so that’s cool because he didn’t move away from his home town, he is just doing things that make him happy not really minding what anyone else does. He’s on his own path, kind of found what he’s into.

I like how he just keeps doing what makes him happy, which is cool, and he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. He’s a big guy but he’s like a big emotional softie.

What do you love about his art?

When he’s designing all this stuff, like this funky wooden table, something I probably wouldn’t be able to do, I love the way he combines everything. He’s quite good with his hands, so you wouldn’t expect him to be good at design, but he’s finishing his degree in design too. So, he can do both and that’s really cool