When bitcoin came out it was 10 cents in 2009, and today in 2019 t it costs 10,151 dollars. My job is to try to learn and communicate in the best possible way to introduce users to crypto currency.

Why are you so fascinated with Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is the father of all the crypto coins. Bitcoin was the first and the magical thing about it, is that it’s open code and any company can take that code, replicate it and make its own coin. Nobody knows who created bitcoin and one of the things that bitcoin has it’s called blocked chain, which it’s like a book of registers where you can see from the first transactions to all the preceding ones, so let´s say if I send to you three bitcoins we go to the blockchain and we will verify that the coins arrived, we don’t need any mediator in-between, the only way it lives is that they pay small commissions to the miners and that is how the blockchain is sustained.

What makes bitcoin trustworthy?

The trust that the people give to it. One of the most interesting ones is called Ethereum. This coin implemented the smart contracts, a super revolutionary way. Let’s say you have a car and you want to sell it to me, so we can activate in the contract a code in a way that only the payment will be liberated if you upload a certain number of documents to a platform. And I will upload a certain number of files. What is so magical about that is that you don’t need a mediator, so we don’t need to trust anyone else. We are going to trust a mathematical algorithm code, so we can take that to the sales of houses, contracts between an employer-employee or anything.