What are the three things that make you who you are?

1) Everyone has to do a task. Cleaning the dishes is called a task. You have to accept that you are doing that task. Accept that if you don’t it, just makes everything worse. Accept that you have to clean the dishes in order to have dishes for future food. So, just get over it. There is no way you can change the past and there is no way you can control the future, so accept and accept.

2) The next thing if you enjoy doing the dishes, if you kind of just smile when you are doing it, you should think about maybe wanting to do that every day, maybe that should be your task. If you have fun doing the dishes because you have already accepted it, if you are having fun doing the dishes the next thing is enthusiasm.

3) Being enthusiastic is to be like god and the only thing that makes people do what they are doing like out of nowhere. If they are starving or dying, they want to change the world, they get into a little religion, they get enthusiastic about helping the person next to them because if they don’t, then they’re just going to die, and nothing is going to be there. So, if you’re enthusiastic about doing the dishes, people see it: “oh my god, how is he so happy doing the dishes? And then, they get excited and they start doing the dishes with you. But because you’re so conscious you allow them to do the dishes that you don’t have to do anymore. And then, you come up with the next process. It’s evolution in the purest. It’s manifestation.