What do you think about the relationship between Mexico and the United States?

It is a complex question because there is a lot of history, a lot of centuries and a lot of political situations behind that question. Just last night they celebrated the Mexican Independence Day from Spain. But well, the reality is that today Mexico still isn’t an independent country. Basically, it’s a story that we say, because in the most basic terms of what it means to be independent in a country, we are not auto sufficient in terms of energy, we are not using renewable energies and we are also not auto sufficient with in terms of alimentation even though we are a large country and in theory we should have a lot of agriculture.

I would say that Mexico pays for the broken plates of a lot of the situations. Just right now we are threatened with the topic of immigration because they pass by Mexico. Mexico historically has been a country that has never closed its doors to the Spaniards in exile nor all of the immigrants from South America, so for the first time we are putting the military on the southern frontiers with Guatemala and Belize and that doesn’t go in accordance with the ideology of the exterior foreign politics. It’s a response to the pressures and the whims and the immediate necessities of the United States. So those are some examples that have to do with the relationship between both countries where Mexico, of course always loses.