How did you get into cooking? 

My parents were horrible cooks so when I was young, I learned how to cook little things just from other adults and going online and then, I realized as I got older that I just liked cooking more and more. Then I ended up going to cooking school and work from restaurant to restaurant and traveling the world, and seeing what food there is around the world.

Cold you give us some tips?

I would just say if you´re organized and opened to new experiences, it´s not hard at all, I think it all comes with practice, trying ingredients, trying new techniques. Failure is always there, but that only helps you learn what you can do better next time. Like as a chef, every time you make something, you’re thinking, “That tastes good, but next time if I just did that or an extra pinch of that, it would taste even better.”  It’s all just constant improvement, there’s no just making it perfect and stop – it never stops, it’s always a creative process.

What´s your favorite meal to prepare? 

Back home, when I was working, I used to do this venison tomato stew, and I would just make a big pot of that, make it nice, rich and thick. I would just have that in my fridge and when I come home just cook some rice or pasta, and top some of that on top.

Any stews that you make, the first day you make it will not taste as great as eating it the second day, cause the flavors infuse in the fridge, so actually when you make a stew, it tastes the best on the second day.

Anything else you want to share with us? 

Don’t believe the cooking shows. The cooking shows they have on Netflix, or whatever, they make it look so easy than it actually is. There´s such a big divide as to what you see and what you actually have to do.

There´s so many people being inspired by cooking shows and saying they want to be chefs. They´ll come in without the knowledge or expectation of what’s to come, and they’ll come in and they’ll get burnt out or they’ll get yelled at, sometimes you’ll still get stuff thrown at you, and they´ll just end up quitting after like 2-3 weeks cause they can’t take it. It’s hard work.