Which person inspired you the most in life?

There are several people who have inspired me, not because of what they have achieved or what they have become, but because of the emotional challenges they have come across and how they have overgrown their fears or setbacks in life, becoming a better person or bigger personality. They made the best of the situation they were in. I don’t want to name any people, but I have learned a few things because of them, mostly related to emotional balance and stability.

How do you achieve this emotional balance?

You need to have confidence in yourself. There are a lot of things that can help you achieve emotional balance, but you always have to believe in yourself. I said that over and over again but that is what is the most important thing, no matter what your friends, family or your partner tell you, you always have to believe in yourself.

Another tip is to staying positive although it is very subjective, you have to find where your positivity lies. There is no like trait or right direction of positivity. There may be a situation where you are very lost and you have nobody to rely on, and that is okay, you don’t have to act strong, it’s okay to cry and it’s okay to talk to people and if nothing helps. I think you should always take a measure towards creativity, towards music, and see if you like something different.