Andreia Barros, Porto, Portugal

If money wasn’t a problem what would you do?

If money was not a problem for me I would buy one big big house in Italy, because it’s a place that I really want to live in and know better.

I would go to every music festivals that I like and see all the musicians that I like. I would buy my dream car. But I think I wouldn’t move from my city, because I like to be near my family.

Tell us a travel anecdote

I was in Barcelona the week of the terrorist attacks and the city was in alert. Me and my friends wanted to go to a club called Pacha and we were on Las Ramblas and there was a lot of guys selling tickets and rides to get there and one of those guys took us to a club to buy the tickets and then we went to the bus, it was full of suspicious people and the driver was too! So, we were full of scare but we arrived at the disco so it was all fine! Thank God!

What was the best travel you did to the date?

This summer I went to Canada. I stayed there for two weeks. The worst part was the jet lag, it was hard for me to get used to it. What I loved the most was the capital and Montreal. I really loved the architecture and the buildings of the parliament! In Montreal, I liked the artistic zone of the city and in general I loved the food! I never ate so much junk food in my life.