Andrea Pirri, Gorgonzola, Italy

What do you get from the books that you read?

I really like reading a lot especially «meaning of life» and that kind of thing, my favorite author is Fiódor Dostoiévski. I get a lot of points of view on some matters that I never thought about. Especially on those Russian books, they talk about love, life, the meaning of death, the meaning of life in general. Then interiorize it and develop it and comparing it with my personality.

What do you want to do in your life?

I haven’t figured out what I wanted to do in life yet, so I started traveling when I was 18 and I’m just coming back to my hometown for holidays. I had this thing that I usually get bored if I am in the same place too many times. So, after a while, I want something new, new people, different towns, different cultures! Maybe I didn’t find my place yet…

I’m really into bartending since I was 18. Studied a lot of books, how to mix, liquors, the ingredients we can use for cocktails. I also like to experiment a lot, in my hometown we have a garden with some plants, so I can experiment. My family can give me their feedback. My parents were always very supportive with me, they always got my back even when I wasn’t following the right path, you know?

So, if a guy like you is reading this, what advice would you give?

Always do something that makes you happy, what can you get out from travel, from every place that you are, any job. Don’t be afraid of new things, it’s easier to place in the same place in your comfort zone but if you want to get to know more about this world and yourself, I think the best way is to put yourself in very different situations.

What are your favorite bars in Porto?

My favorite one is Candelabro, is a really chilled place, is where I go with a friend for a beer or reading a book. Mirajazz in Ribeira with live music, a really nice terrace and really good Porto Tónico. And of course, Cats Porto Bar where the best bartenders are!