My name is Ana and I’m a fashion designer, but now I’m trying to be a freelancer businesswoman. I have my own fashion brand, a fashion design studio and a jewelry brand on Instagram! Iʼm starting but I had a good start, the people are enjoying my creations so yep, letʼs see what happens in the future. Maybe I can get enough money to travel a month or more to Japan! I really would love to visit all the country. The culture is amazing and totally different from ours, so yep, Iʼll try my best. Well I couldnʼt go to Japan for a month yet, but Iʼve been to Las Vegas baby!! I was very fascinated about everything being so fast, big and with a lot of light! They live in a rush! Probably my best memory is The Venetian Hotel, itʼs all a scenario but seems so real! And every hotel looked like a different city or era, like roman inspired! I had a great time there,

I recommend you gather some money and visit Las Vegas, try one casino or two, but don’t lose your friends or wake up in a hotel room with a Mike Tyson tattoo on your face! 

Whatyour “never miss” place that you go on party mode here in Porto? 

When I go out, I never miss Adega Leonor! The drinks are the best with cheap prices. The only bad thing or good thing is waiting on the queue to get a drink because you can always meet new people, but you need to have a lil bit patience to start drinking also ahahah