Tell us about your idea of finding art and not having it shoved to you.

I think having time, so having a moment to stand still and wait until something actually stands out to you through human connection or through the art piece itself but I think it´s very rare. I hope I´ll be able to do that here in Madrid. Take a moment for that.

Which artists have transformed your inner landscape? 

At the moment, I am obsessed with Bahar Bebahanu. She´s actually an Armenian born artist who´s based in Brooklyn and she has, I believe, one of the most interesting research practices but also social practices. When she works in a community, she usually works with local entities and then also visually, it´s just stunning. She does paintings and video work, and then she also just did the Lahore Biennial. She did a place where she came in and worked with Thai workers – that was incredible.

What got you passionate about art? 

I worked in an opera production management, mainly. And then I started working with a performing artist Anne Imhoff in her studio. I really liked that I felt like it could convey the same amount of drama and importance, but the audience felt wider.

Even though contemporary art is quite elitist too, it feels much more acceptable than opera, because it has such a strong variety. So I went back to university, got an artistry degree and started working with contemporary artists.  

What do you want to change about our current consciousness? 

I want to rethink the idea of value and that must be directly connected to monetary value or material value. So, I really want to think of that practice itself can be an outcome for an artist. I want to rethink about the ideas of gallery support. That they support an artist before there´s a clear outcome, so there´s a moment of processing happening.

Anything else you want to share with us about your passion? 

Art gives you this incredible opportunity to travel and do all these things, yet you are part of this system that is destroying the things you want to change. I don’t know if that makes sense, but I think having that in a conflict, but keeping it alive, is very important to me. Otherwise I think you´re just happy with what you do but you don’t question it and I think that’s when your work really suffers.