What’s your favorite TV series?

My favorite Tv series is Friends. I think its really good because everyone can relate to it, they have the stupid person and the smart person and the messy person and I think other countries have other versions of friends because everyone has their friends that they have their problems with but that they also love anyway so yea I think it’s the go-to TV show I think everyone should watch it. I think everyone will appreciate it and have a story to pull out of that show.

When was the first time you started watching it?

Like ten years after it came out. Like 6 months ago, something pretty recent, they have 12 seasons or something like that. But it’s fine, it’s never too late!

Favorite Character?

Probably um Rachel I think everyone can relate to the person that started off kind of on the bottom and then through a bunch of series of unfortunate events she started to better in her career, she is still kind of silly and goofy, but I think everyone maintains that side of them no matter where they are.