What does it mean to be an artist?

I think an artist is someone who makes art, obviously, but I have been painting and working and practicing different forms of art for a long time but I never felt good enough to call myself an artist, especially when you study fine arts and you  look at the notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci and you see his work and you see that your sketches are nowhere near as impressive as that. So, for the longest time I never thought I was good enough to be an artist and now that I have been studying art more assertively, I am more comfortable and being able to sketch on a daily basis and say this is art and I can call myself an artist.

Before, art was not what I was supposed to be focusing on, cause it’s not a really good way to live life. I should be focusing on something like engineering or becoming a doctor as my parents say, but I am really able to see now so many aspects of life and work do rely on arts, look at simple things like design and marketing.

I think choosing a life as an artist is very difficult, because not many people want to call themselves an artist unless they are successful as an artist.

What is being successful as an artist? Is it someone who has 1000 likes on every post on Instagram? A photographer or someone who takes photos with their iPhone and gets way more recognition online? I don’t know, I think being an artist is really confusing, and I still don’t consider myself an artist, but I think one day I will be at the point where I can say happily that I am an artist.