Hello, I’m Alexa, I am 27 years old and I live in Porto right now. Before Porto I was in Ireland, and before that, Brazil. I left Brazil because I got tired of my country, tired of being there, the politics were really really in a bad moment, it was pretty hard to find a job and I was a little bit lost so I had a friend of mine that emigrated to Ireland and he told me to go there and I was like “why not??” And I went to Ireland. And I started working in a restaurant as a waitress, then I became the supervisor of the restaurant! But in Ireland I had some issues for example: I changed home 6 times in 6 months – Gipsy style! Well, I had some problems in my first rent house and I had to leave to a friend’s house 1 month, then another… always carrying a lot of luggage! Ahahahah Cause you know, Brazilians always bring a lot of luggage!

Do you have any dream?

Yes, my dream is to live in other countries with a very different culture, like China or Indonesia! I’m a free spirit, and I matured a lot in Ireland. I was able to do things and handle things that I never knew I was capable of. So yeah, now I want to do it all my life.

I started not to hold to small things that have no value, I started to hold on to what is really important like friendship and experiences. The only thing that is needed is courage! Courage to live, to truly live your life!