I´m from Rotterdam, Netherlands. I´m here in Madrid for 4 days, just arrived yesterday. I´m starting to work on the first of March. And before I started working, I wanted to travel for like a little bit and Madrid was the cheapest flight. I´m going to be a software engineer in a company in the Netherlands.

And what called your attention about software engineering? 

Well, because I was a huge nerd, but right now I want to do it to grow into more sales function, since I have an engineering background I have to start at the bottom as an engineer, so don’t really like that.

And what do you think of Madrid so far? 

Well, I only saw two bars. When I arrived here, I just showered, ate and drank, so I haven’t seen too much of Madrid yet. One was like really empty and I didn’t really like the music, so it was like alright and the people I went with were really nice. And the other one was really crowded and some good music, so I liked that one.

And makes a bar a good bar for you? 

Definitely the atmosphere, people, music, that’s it, not even the drinks. Just like the atmosphere.