Why do you want to be a polyglot?

It’s an interesting question for me because I have been working on it for three to four years, I always loved languages but I wasn´t thinking about it because my priority was other. But then, I decided it would be interesting in a kind of way and I started university and opened a completely new world

I want to be a polyglot because I think that whoever knows how to speak another language from their own mother tongue, have a superpower. They have a power that others don’t have.

Imagine you go to another country and the people there don´t speak a vernacular language, but you know how to speak theirs, they feel closer to you and it’s not just a tool to communicate with other people, but it’s also a way to get in touch with another culture and the essence of these people. Also, because every language has its own way of expressing feelings. For example, English is more direct but in my own mother tongue we dance around words because we don’t want to say things clearly, we don’t get straight to the point. We always try to use the words in a more complex way, we just run around the concept without getting to it and so on. It really reflects one culture and also the personality of the person that speaks the language.

That is why some concepts can be expressed in a better way in one language and not in another. For me, that is really interesting and it´s also a way of getting in touch more with the people. And communication is the most important thing among people that’s why I want to gain as many superpowers as I can.

Would you like to have another superpower?

My next superpower is to give an idea to other people to inspire them to do something really positive for themselves and for others. For example, I have a lot of friends who are scared to travel alone. Usually, when we are children we grow with the warnings of the parents “don’t do that because it may be dangerous”. “You don’t know the people” That’s true, but making experiences enable you to develop bravery and also to develop a sense an alarm.