Agata & Patrycja, Warsaw, Poland

How did you meet?

Agata: I met Patrycja at the airport… I work at ESN (Erasmus Student Network), and we have a mentoring program and you’re kind the buddy. The first friend of the Erasmus new person in the city where they will be studying. You pick them from the airport, you help them move, you hang out with them and make them feel comfortable. So, a year and a half ago I was going to the airport to pick up my student and she (Patrycja) was going to pick her student.

Patrycja: Yes! It was my first time as a mentor and then we became friends there!

Agata: Because of ESN, I decided to do Erasmus in Lisbon, and now she decided to visit me! So, we were in Lisbon but I love Porto so I wanted to show Porto to her.

Why did you choose Cats Hostels?

Agata: I had so much fun here! You have so many activities where you can meet other people. I’ve met plenty of people, I talk to some people from the staff, it was so nice! This is the best hostel that I’ve been to, and I’ve been in some, trust me.

Do you notice some differences between Lisbon locals and Porto locals?

Agata: Oh, in Lisbon they are a lil bit rude ahahah! 

I have to say that Porto it has like magical ambience. You can wander around in the streets and Lisbon feels more like a big city with a lot of tourists which is alright, but is more soulless. Porto speaks more to me! I just like it… 

Patrycja: It’s my first day but I’m so amazed by the city. In Lisbon, the first impact wasn’t the same feeling so yea, I like more Porto.

Do you have something that you really want to do before you get old?

Agata: For me traveling! Meet people from different countries, visit my friends. 

Patrycja: I would like to live in another country! I would like to experience living in other cultures.

Tell us a moment you’ll always remember

Agata: Swimming in the ocean in Algarve! I never thought I’ll do it.

Patrycja: I like running, and last year I did a 10km marathon in Barcelona, and I managed to finish it!!! I was so proud to finish it in 1 hour! I want to participate in all the marathons now! 😀