How are you dealing with quarantine? How are you spending your time differently?

Right now, I am like most of the people of the world, completely bored and full of being at home. For me, is very difficult to deal with this situation because if on the one hand I feel useless for not being on the ground, helping with any tiny thing that might be necessary, on the other hand, I cannot imagine getting the virus and can’t be with my son for 15 days or even more.

When I’m not struggling with these thoughts, I cook, mainly sweets but I’m always cooking. And there’s something good about quarantine, all that I do comes out well. Of course, that if it was a big event and I wanted to show off my skills, everything would went wrong.

But the best of the quarantine, for me, is that I can spend 24/24 with my son and watch him grow very close.

What have you learned from yourself or society during this time?

I guess that the biggest lesson of all this is that we should not take anything for granted. So far, we lived a life of illusion, in which we thought we could manage our life as we wanted. And suddenly comes the beast that shows us that we have control of nothing. And in one week, without much warning, the world gets upside down and we don’t know how to put it on the right position and when it would happen.

What’s the first thing you’ll do once this is over?

I really don’t know how to answer to this question. I think that the end of this will be gradual and the world as we know it will never be the same. It will be step by step and with baby steps. It will probably last months and even our minds will be so different at that time.

But in practical terms, besides of being with the beloved ones, I will really appreciate just to be seated in a restaurant, eating a good meal without fear.

What do you think are the good things that quarantine will bring?

First of all, the reinvention of the world. People will naturally start to value the small things of life, to be more helpful with each other and more aware of the equality among the human beings. It was good to see all the restaurants, schools and many companies, are developing new tools, on a daily basis, to get adapted to the new reality that we have.

This quarantine time will be good to put people thinking out of the box, of different ways of solving problems. And these solutions that are being created now, will be very useful in the future, for other purposes.

Any news or people that have inspired you?

I know that this is a cliché but… everyone who abdicates of being with their families to help others are an inspiration and deserve all the best in this world. We see everyday doctors, nurses, security people, that continue to do their jobs, risking their own life, not able to be with their families or even at their own home. That’s why it’s really important to stay home and don’t complicate even more the situation for them on being reckless.

Another great inspiration is the innumerous companies that stopped their regular production, and started producing masks, gloves, and other materials needed in this time. Ans many of them are not even selling these items, they are giving them for free. Finally, the world understands that we are on the same boat and only with each other’s help, we will be able to get through this.